Shaun has been in continuous practice as a Barrister since being called to the Bar in October 1990 by the late Lord Chief Justice Peter Taylor at the Inner Temple.

His skills as a jury advocate are undoubted resulting in his regular appearance in cases of Murder, Homicides, Serious Violence, Serious Sexual Offences and Serious Drug Cases and other types of serious crime.



Barrister: Michael Shaun Brogan

Shaun can now accept your work directly as a Public Access Barrister. There is probably no need to instruct a Solicitor and if you are likely to be paying privately anyway why pay for two types of lawyers when you can pay for one.

There are a whole range of matters he can deal with directly on your behalf.

Why ask him to to help you?

  1. He will only accept work that he is able to follow through to the end
  2. He will attend conferences in your offices and prison
  3. He will be available at short notice with the use of good communications from E-commerce based applications
  4. He will therefore always be contactable
  5. He combines all these features with a wealth of experience and ability.

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